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Contact us – we are here to help

EAC Headquarters
12608 Alameda Drive
Strongsville, OH 44149
Phone lines open 24/7:
1-866-586-5656 (Pre-Adoption Info)
1-800-533-0098  (In Process)


We are so very grateful EAC for helping us find both of our girls. We chose EAC because we had contacted two friends who had used EAC for their adoptions and both friends told me that they had had positive experiences with EAC. We believe that God had our children waiting for us in Europe and we felt that EAC was the best adoption agency to use for our adoption. We used EAC for our first adoption of Hannah Claire from St. Petersburg, Russia in 2009 and for Ava from Wroclaw, Poland in 2016. We felt like we had an awesome experience for both of our adoptions with EAC. We still keep in contact with both of our translators from Russia and Poland but the coolest thing of all is that EAC Staff found Hannah Claire for us in 2009 and then she found Ava for us in 2015. We love EAC and if anyone needs to contact us, then please feel free to do so!
Chris and Andrea Gray
Karla & Zhou!
Coming up on 1 yr home soon and we are SO glad we said yes to that little girl playing outside because look at her now!!! Forever grateful to you both!!! Older child adoption was definitely our answered prayer and we had no idea going in to it what an amazing part of our lives she would be!
With Love - Rachael Sherman
I adopted my son from this agency, 5 years ago and had a great experience! My son had some issues, so unfortunately even 5 years later I still call for post adoption help and this agency bend over backwards! EAC I thank you from the bottom of my heart ,you are not only professional but extremely knowledgeable. I could not imagine adopting a child from another agency! What really impresses me is the fact that they have a team in every country to help people and nothing is too much trouble, Sometimes I would call 5 times a day and the staff were always so kind!
Jackie Bilogan
I adopted my son, Sean, from Russia just before they shut it down in 2012. I thought you might like an updated pic of this handsome little guy! He turned 7 in March and is doing absolutely amazing. We couldn’t be happier and I’ll always be grateful for your help in making this dream come true!
Lori Bird
We are thankful for EAC and their focus on personal attention to us and adoption process. We were previously with a large agency and we felt like a number, but when we switched to EAC we were so amazed by their quick response, personal attention, answering our questions, and going the extra mile for us. We are thankful for their advocacy of the orphaned children. We are thankful and grateful for all their help in our adoption process.
Ryan and Nicole Blaszczyk
We worked with EAC from 2013-2015 to bring home our son from Uganda. We had a great experience! Kim and Robin helped us through every step of our “paper pregnancy”, and the in-country staff was kind and hard-working. We are forever grateful for their efforts, and we are so happy to be a family to an awesome little guy who needed one desperately!
Daniel and Emily Chappell
I love our adoption agency! They have been with us every step of the way making all of the mountains of paperwork as easy as possible and quick to answer my endless list of questions. Most of all I love the heart they have for orphans across the world. I would definitely recommend EAC and our home study agency Children of the World to anyone that is interested in adopting.
Carisa Joy Meadows
The Whitleys