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Dear EAC Family, 


First, we wanted to thank you for your patience and understanding during this unexpected and sudden situation. This is the first time that a debarment has been issued by the US Department of State. Despite the fact that we disagree with many, if not most, of the statement and are considering the option of appeal, we still have to make a plan of transfer of all cases by end of this month.

Therefore, our Executive Director is constantly speaking with various agencies’ directors to initiate the process and we are currently working to implement the following transfer procedure:

  1. EAC is required to develop a finalized case transfer plan by December 30th. Every case in which the adoption has not been finalized (and in some cases where the adoption is finalized but the child has not yet immigrated) needs an accredited adoption service provider (ASP) acting as the Primary Provider for their case.
  1. As part of the case transfer negotiations and process, EAC will be reviewing fees paid that can be transferred to the new agency. EAC will work with the new agency to apply fees and transfer as much as possible.
  1. The new agency will most likely ask you to review and sign documentation, similar to when you began working with EAC. For example, you will likely need to sign a contract, fee schedule, complaint policy and procedures, and service plan. You may need to complete a new application or complete any additional training the new agency deems necessary.
  1. EAC is trying to make arrangements for the transferring agencies to work with EAC’s foreign facilitator or attorney, or a facilitator with whom they have an established relationship. The goal is to complete your adoption with the least extra cost to you and the same providers in country plus the same EAC Staff members (Kim, Karla, Nury, Sara) who would work for your new agency.
  1. EAC is required by the regulations to implement a case transfer plan. Many of the foreign adoption central authorities have requested that all current and post families transfer to the same agency. Once you have been notified of the transfer plan. If you do not want your case to be transferred to the agency EAC has identified, you should communicate that to EAC and the receiving agency to request an alternative or request they close your case. Please be advised that EAC may not be able to assist with transfer to an alternate provider and an alternative plan may take longer to implement or may not be accepted by a foreign authority. Also the fees of an independent agency can vary widely.
  1. If your adoption is final, post-adoption reporting services are not necessarily required to be performed by an accredited or approved adoption service provider. Depending on our plans to structure your case transfer process, you may be able to continue to work with EAC on post-adoption reporting. This would depend on postadoption reporting requirements of the state in which you live as well as the country from which you have adopted, in order to ensure that any reports are appropriately translated and authenticated (if necessary) and forwarded to the appropriate parties abroad.
  1. The transfer plan will be complete during the last week of December. We will be arranging conference calls in January to explain the transfer plan. After the conference call, your country consultant will be contacting each one of you individually accordingly to the stage of your adoption process to notify you of the transferee agency and with further instructions.

The EAC Staff is heartbroken over these events. We are dedicated to help all families to complete their adoption process. We are still asking for your continuous patience. We will notify all families of the proposed service plan including estimated cost and procedures for each case that accurately reflects the family’s current situation.



Last Updated : 12-23-2016

Dear EAC Family, 

EAC received notice last Friday that the U.S. Department of State has taken adverse action against us. We do not feel the action is warranted and we are evaluating our appeal and the other options available to us. 

In the meantime, your case is more important than whether or not we contest the action by the State Department and our efforts are focused on taking care of you and our international programs. We are trying to maintain some consistency in our cases with minimum difficulty and expense. As a part of that, we are making arrangements to facilitate the transfer our families to another accredited agency. Decisions on your case must be made quickly in order to keep your adoption process moving, so hopefully, within the next few days, we will be able to give you our agency’s recommended transfer plan.

Please know that our Executive Director is working on the transfer arrangements both in the U.S. and with the central authority in the foreign country. Your country consultant will be contacting you individually accordingly to the stage of your process to notify you of the transferee agency and with further instructions.

EAC was given no prior information about the investigation conducted by the Department of State and no opportunity before the adverse action was taken to address the issues raised or the facts alleged. We dispute the accuracy of many of the facts reported, and the statements made by the Department of State in its notice to EAC and we do not agree with the decision of the Department or the basis upon which the decision was made.

We hope to resolve this situation very soon and we are determined to help all families in any way we can to successfully complete their adoption process. 



Last Updated : 12-19-2016

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