Pre-Adoptive Overview

Learn more about what to expect when working with EAC and how to get started.

Adoption Programs

Find out more about each  of the adoption programs we offer at EAC.

Adoption Stories

Adoption success stories from hundreds of satisfied clients and families.

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View pictures of the children and family’s that we have recently placed.

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View EAC’s upcoming seminars, webinars and events.


Our FAQ section, covers most of your adoption questions.


Learn more about International Adoption Medical Professionals and the benefits of using one to review your child’s medical information.

Adoption Finance Support

Need help paying for your adoption? To learn more about the financial planning and fundraising EAC has to offer please contact Holly at

Helpful Resources

Find helpful resources and quick links to help you with your adoption and learn more about EAC Family Ambassadors.

Adoption and EAC News

Stay up to date with all of our news and current events.

Immigration Info

Find specific information about each country’s immigration process.

Adoption Facts Blog

View our collection of articles on adoption topics.

Post-Adoptive Parents

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Here you will find our overview and helpful resources for our post adoptive parents.

Your Adoption Story


Post-Adoptive Parents: please submit your story and we will post it on the website.

Child Citizenship Act

Child Citizenship Act of 2000

Find out all the vital information about the child citizenship act here.