EAC Program Overview

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EAC’s Waiting Children

WaitingChildren1We invite you to learn more about these children who are available to be adopted now. Many of these children are older; have grown up in an orphanage; have emotional, cognitive, or physical needs. Some need to be adopted as a sibling group. They need a loving family to help them flourish. Please consider opening your heart and your home and make a difference in their lives.


img_chinaWe are accepting applications to adopt boys and girls, age 8 months to 12 years with minor/moderate correctable needs. We understand your desires and work attentively to match you with a child. As a Hague Convention Country, the adoption process in China is stable and predictable. EAC families are accompanied to China by “Uncle Zhou.”


img_india1Single and married prospective adoptive parents are needed to provide homes for children 12 months and older. Boys, girls, and sibling groups are available.


Poland2EAC is excited to be able to facilitate adoptions in Poland for families wishing to adopt from Europe. Our program focuses on older children, sibling groups, and children with medical needs. We have Polish-speaking staff in the office and English-speaking staff in country to assist you.


img_bulgariaThis Hague Convention Country has children over 2 years of age and sibling groups needing homes. While the referral timeline is generally at least 24 months, the process may be expedited if a family is open to an older child, sibling group of three or more, or a child with special needs.


img_ukraine1.gifThis program offers an alternative to families wishing to adopt from Europe. The children available are 6 years and older. Sibling groups are available.


img_colombiaEAC offers a hosting and an adoption program in Colombia. At this time, most of the children available for adoption from this Hague Convention country are older children, sibling groups and children with minor to moderate medical conditions.


UgandaEAC’s Uganda program is one of our most popular African programs. Infants and toddlers are available for immigration to the United States. Families are granted legal guardianship and must comply with finalizing the adoption according to Ugandan law. In most cases, families can finalize the adoption in their state of residence. You can count on our experienced staff to keep you informed every step of the way!


CongoDue to the suspension of exit permits by Congolese authorities, EAC is not currently accepting applications for this program.

Tanzania Pilot Program

EAC is excited to offer our pilot program in Tanzania. Please contact us if you are interested in adopting from this eastern Africa country. As a Hague accredited agency, EAC will facilitate your adoption in compliance with the Intercountry Universal Accreditation Act.

Republic of Congo


EAC will soon offer adoptions from the Republic of Congo.



EAC will soon offer adoptions from Zambia.


haitigirlHaiti’s adoption laws changed in 2013, but offers a wonderful option for adoption of infants, toddlers, and children up to age 12. The process is faster if you are open to a special needs child.


HondurasBoyOur bi-lingual staff will assist you in your adoption from this beautiful Latin American country. With the newly establish Honduran Central Authority, the process is expected to take 36 months. Boys, girls, and sibling groups are available.


img_panamaThis Hague Convention country offers children for adoption with preference Panamanians. The process is complex, but satisfying for those who chose this program.


Guatemala has currently suspended the adoption process in order to create a Central Authority to process adoptions, which will make Guatemala Hague Compliant. Once the Central Authority has been created and the new process identified, Guatemalan Adoptions are expected to continue under the new process.


ghanachildThe government of Ghana is current working on their adoption law. EAC is not currently accepting applications for this program.


img_russiaSadly, the government of Russia banned adoptions by Americans in December, 2012. EAC offers many alternative countries from which families may adopt. Please contact us to discuss your options.