Due to the ongoing suspension of exit permits from the Congolese authority, DGM, we are currently not accepting NEW applicants for this program. In-process adoptions continue to be completed. As soon as the ban is lifted we will be able to process new applications. In the meantime, if you are interested in adopting from Africa, please call Debra at 1-843-343-5534.

EAC is working in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice in DRC to complete adoptions from Congo. There are many benefits to the Congo program including fast processing times and quick referrals. The Democratic Republic of the Congo has about 4.2 million orphaned children due to significant poverty, death of one or more parents, war and famine. These orphans desperately need a home and a loving forever family.

August 2016 – 50 children home this year! 

June 2014: All aspects of Congo adoptions are moving forward at this time, however DGM is not processing exit letters until September 25th, 2014 as stated by Congolese Government.

April 2016: Over the last few weeks we celebrated the arrival of 28 precious children legally brought home from DRCongo. Join us in welcoming them home and to the EAC forever family!

August 2016: EAC’s Africa Director, Debra Parris, will be traveling to Africa the end of September 2016.  Her plans include trips to the DRC, Uganda, Burkina Faso and Tanzania. There she will be looking for new orphanages as well as visiting the older orphanages who have not had the proper assistance. Her mission is to search for children in medical need and find ways to help. She will be also researching laws, licensing and adoption requirements for different countries.

8-22-16: Three more children home from DRC! Two EAC Families from Texas and one family from North Carolina just welcomed their children. That makes a total of 50 happy families home from DRC this year. Congratulations, and blessings to all!

September 2016: Adoption Notice – CLICK HERE TO READ MORE about Implementation of Refund Provision of the Adoptive Family Relief Act in the DRC

October 2016:  Alert – CLICK HERE TO READ MORE about processing emergency adoption cases in Kinshasa during civil unrest.


You can be part of this amazing project in Africa. We would greatly appreciate your help and contributions. Help the less fortunate! Please consider sending in your contribution to this project by filling out the form below and mailing it to EAC/Africa Mission Trip 2016, 12608 Alameda Drive, Strongsville OH 44149. Email Debra Parris @ with any questions or call 1-866-586-5656.


The Children

Children Available for Adoption in Congo

  • Both boys and girls of African heritage available for adoption
  • Singles, siblings and non-related children
  • Toddlers available to school age children
  • All children are tested for tuberculosis, sickle cell, hepatitis and HIV while in orphanage care

Travel Requirements

Travel Requirements for a Congo Adoption

  • One trip of 7-14 days in Congo
  • Both parents may travel or one parent may travel with a power of attorney to complete the process on his or her own.

Basic Steps

Congo Adoption Procedure

  • Application and program contract submitted, received and approved
  • EAC can offer you references for home study agencies in your area
  • Dossier preparation
    – EAC will provide you with guidance for each step of the dossier process
  • I-600A petition filing to USCIS (United States Citizenship and Immigration Services)
  • Dossier Submission
    – EAC thoroughly reviews your completed dossier with you prior to submitting it to DRC
    – Dossier required to be translated in to French, the official language of DRC
  • Begin vaccination program for pending travel to DRC (Yellow Fever is mandatory; check with
    your personal physician and/or the Center for Disease Control for additional travel health recommendations.)
  • Receive referral of a child(ren) available for adoption
    – You will be provided with 1-2 photos
    – Medical information
    – Social history of the child(ren) and reason for placement of adoption
    – Copies of any documents the agency has received on the child(ren)
  • Upon acceptance of referral of the child(ren):
    – Submit and receive official acceptance of referral documentation
    – The petition to adopt is filed with the court
    – The court date is usually set within 1-3 months after dossier is received
    – Adoptive parents are not present at the court hearing, the adoption occurs on your behalf through
    the power of attorney you will grant to our representative in DRC.
  • After the appropriate time has passed and all legal items completed, the adoption is approved and decree issued
  • File I-600 at USCIS in the US
    – US Department of State estimates their investigation will be completed in 3-6 months
  • EAC will guide you through travel preparations
    – Securing a visa for your entry into DRC
    – EAC can offer assistance with lodging and other travel suggestions
    – Adoptive parents will be met by our English-speaking in country staff at the airport upon arrival at DRC and escorted to their hotel, US Embassy, and Congolese Migration Office by the attorney and/or Kinshasa staff
  • Travel to Kinshasa, DRC
    – After adoption is approved it is time to pick up your child(ren), one or both parents will make one trip of approximately 5-7 days to Kinshasa, DRC
    – You will meet your child(ren) and our in country staff will help you complete US immigration and Congolese exit requirements
    – If only one parent travels the second parent will provide a power of attorney for the traveling spouse to complete the process on his or her own

Immigration Information

DR Congo Central Authorities

Ministry of Gender and Family, Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Social Affairs, Division of Urban Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Interior and Security, General Direction of Migration

The Process
The process for adopting a child from DRCongo generally includes the following steps:

  • Choose an Adoption Service Provider
  • Apply to USCIS to be Found Eligible to Adopt (I-600A)
  • Be Matched with a Child
  • Finalize adoption in DRCongo
  • Apply to USCIS for the Child to be Found Eligible for Adoption (I-600)
  • Bring your child home

Time Frame

Time Frame for a Congo Adoption

From start to finish expected to complete adoption in 12-16 months. Referrals are expected on avg. 1-3 months after dossier submitted to DRC.

Debra & Robin in Congo:

Children arrive SD-smaller

To read more about Debra & Robin’s trip to Congo click here!