Haiti Adoption

EAC is working in cooperation with IBESR – Institut du Bien-Etre Social et de Recherches to complete adoptions from Haiti. You will want to stay updated with our Haiti program as it is an unique program with minimum referrals.

*** May 2016 UPDATE: We welcomed our first placement home in March, 2016.  Five families should be home this summer! One family is scheduled to make their socialization trip in the beginning of August.

***July 2016 UPDATE: We are currently accepting applications for Haiti Relative Adoption Help Haiti Relative Adoptions Happen! ***

*** August 2016 UPDATE: 5 families should be home with their children this summer/fall. There were 5 official referrals were issued to EAC families by IBESR in 2016.

We can’t do it without your help!

We need your help! European Adoption Consultants has a mission to reunite 10 children with their families through relative adoption this year. We are raising money for a grant program to help families afford to rescue these relatives and bring them to the United States. Our goal is to raise $100,000. Our Haitian staff would love to help unite Haitian families!

If you, or someone you know, would like to participate in this project, please contact Holly for more information: 1-866-586-5656 or email h.russell@eaci.com

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Callahan-Haiti4The Children

Children Available for Adoption in Haiti

– Children ages up to 10 years are in urgent need of permanent, loving families.
Most of the children have no permanent health or developmental concerns, but we need families for children with special needs as well.

Callahan-Haiti1Travel Requirements

Travel Requirements for a Haiti Adoption

– Families will have 2 trips to Haiti
– 1st trip, 2 week bonding period
– 2nd trip, 3-4 days
– Families will be picked up at Port-au-Prince airport by English speaking staff.
– First trip – they will travel to the creche (orphanage), which are licensed by the Central Authority (IBESR)
where they will be able to meet and bond with their child.
– Second trip – the adoption will be completed by the attorney and the family will be able to bring their child home.

Relative Adoptions

canstockphoto9735671If you have a legal relative in Haiti who you would like to adopt, EAC can assist you in making it happen. EAC is Hague Accredited and approved by IBESR to assist families in completing adoption from Haiti. Contact EAC to learn more about the requirements to adopt a relative from Haiti. Your personal consultant holds your hand and helps you through the process.

• Applicants will have to establish the alleged relationship with an immediate family or in law by providing birth certificates, wedding certificates in order to be eligible to complete a relative adoption.

• Submission of US family’s dossier by an accredited agency to IBESR.

• The child (relative) dossier will be then submitted later to IBESR for study and approval.

• The biological parents will go first to IBESR for a training session on adoption and later sign the relinquishment document before the Children’s Judge.

• IBESR will issue the official matching letter so the parents can accept their relative.

• The dossier will go to court for the judgement.

• Adoption certificate is received.

• Passport and Embassy (Visa) Procedure is completed.


Additional Facts

• The child does not have to be in a creche.

• The parent(s) can be over 50 if they are adopting the child of their spouse or in case of a relative adoption. They also have to be nine (9) years older than the child they wish to adopt.

• Families may have any number of biological and adopted children in the home, but must provide financials to support and care for the addition of the child/ren being adopted.

• Parents must be married or living together for at least 5 years.

• No criminal records.


***We are also assisting in Non-Haiti-Relative Adoptions!***