Help the Children of Uganda

*** We are currently not not accepting new families for EAC Uganda program ***

The Children

Children Available for Adoption in Uganda

  • Boys, girls and sibling groups are waiting for their forever families
  • Relatively healthy and special needs children available
  • Children in orphanage care due to abandonment or relinquishment as a result of social or cultural concerns, extreme poverty and/or loss of parent(s)
  • Each child receives a medical screening for HIV/AIDS and other illnesses prior to referral
  • At time of referral, families receive a child study that includes health and development assessment, family and social history, and photo.
  • Children typically come home under an Order of Legal Guardianship and then finalize their adoption in the United States.

Recently Home from Uganda

***August 2016 Update: 13 children home this year!***

Click on the picture below to watch a video about EAC Family who gets to bring their daughter home!

Uganda recently home 1

Uganda recently home 2


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 Travel Requirements

Travel Requirements for a Uganda Adoption

2 trips:

  • 1st trip of 4-8 weeks (Culture, court, passport)
  • 2nd trip of 7-14 days (Embassy)
  • approximately 6-8 weeks between trips

or 3 trips:

  • 7-14 days each
  • approximately 6-8 weeks between trips
  • Both parents required to travel for trips 1 and 2 (if doing 3 trips) or for trip 1 (if doing 2 trips)
  • One parent may return to the US after the legal guardianship order and child(ren)’s passport is issued.

Time Frame

Time Frame for a Uganda Adoption

  • approximately 2-12 months from dossier to referral
  • approximately 12-24 months from start to finish

Immigration Information

Uganda Central Authority

The Department of Youth and Child Affairs in the Ministry of Gender, Labour, and Social Development

The Process
The process for adopting a child from Uganda generally includes the following steps:

  • Choose an Adoption Service Provider
  • Apply to USCIS to be Found Eligible to Adopt (I-600A)
  • Be Matched with a Child
  • Gain legal custody in Uganda
  • Apply to USCIS for the Child to be Found Eligible for Immigration to the United States (I-600)
  • Bring Your Child Home to finalize adoption

Post Adoptive Requirements

Post Adoptive Requirements for a Uganda Adoption

  • Post placement reporting required by Uganda and EAC
  • Parents register adoption with the Ugandan Embassy in Washington D.C.
  • Adoption finalized according to state law where parent(s) reside