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  • EAC offers staff dedicated to work with home study agencies to provide families with quality reports.
  • EAC provide county-specific guidelines and support to home study agency staff (in addition to prospective families)


  • EAC is a non-profit, Hague accredited agency
  • EAC has assisted families in bringing home over 7,500 children through international adoption!
  • Over 70% of our families have been referred to us by others who have adopted


  • 20 years of experience in international adoptions.
  • Provides reference families upon request.
  • Established relationships with social workers.
  • Dedicated staff to review reports to ensure compliance with USCIS and foreign country.


  • Knowledge of Hague convention country home study requirements.
  • Staff available to answer social worker questions.


  • Does home study agency need to have COA/Hague accreditation?
    EAC prefers home study agencies with COA/Hague accreditation, but will consider agencies without this accreditation unless the home study is for China.   China requires all home study agencies have this accreditation.
  • What is required to join the EAC team?
    It’s very simple.  We will email a list of required documents for you to complete and send to us.  As a Hague accredited agency, we will need a signed Interagency Agreement.
  • Are we required to prepare additional documents in addition to the home study?
    Yes.  Each country has their own requirements, but EAC will email specifics based on the prospective family’s intended country of adoption.

If your Home Study Agency would like to join our team, please contact Rose at r.spiegel@eaci.com or by phone at 1-800-533-0098 to request a Interagency Agreement packet.

We would like to have your Hague accredited agency added to our list.