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- EAC has helped bring home over 8,000 children from around the world since 1991.

- We are a non-profit, Hague accredited agency.

- EAC is recognized as a leading agency in international adoptions.


With the sometimes limited medical information available on children available for international adoption, EAC wants to make sure prospective families receive professional input regarding a particular child’s medical and development condition.


IA Doctors can help us help families by providing them:

- Consultation on growth trends

- Assessment of developmental progress

- Explanation of foreign medical terms and diagnoses

- Overall risk assessment for future medical and developmental needs

 Together, we can make a difference!

International Adoption Doctors are medical experts with experience treating children who have been institutionalized in a foreign country. Many IA doctors perform surgeries in foreign countries during mission trips or sabbaticals at foreign hospitals. Adoption Clinics see a large number of children from around the world and as a result, IA doctors are familiar with genetic conditions that may be more common in other countries as well as common trends of children adopted from certain parts of the world.  IA doctors understand that adoptive children may have physical, mental and emotional needs that differ from a biological child. An internationally adopted child’s height, weight, and head circumference may not appear on a U.S. growth chart. For example, a Chinese child’s growth will be plotted on an Asian growth chart. Some referral reports are 6 months to 12 months old and so the IA doctor will discuss the child’s development based on the age of the child when the medical tests were conducted.  Before consulting with the family, IA doctors will consult with specialists regarding the needs of the child. Some of the specialists the IA doctor may consult:


Orthopedic Surgery

Pediatric Cardiologist




Often the IA doctor will request additional tests or developmental information. Some countries allow the orphanage to arrange for additional tests, while other countries will not.