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EAC's Waiting Children - China

EAC is working with each of it's country programs in providing homes for children who are immediately available to be referred. Please take a moment to view our China waiting children and consider opening your hearts and homes to one of the children.

Please call 1-866-586-5656 if you are interested in
any of our waiting children!



Dennis will be turning 5 years old this summer. He is very active,
usually running, playing, jumping. He likes to do activies with the
other children. Most of the time he gets along well with the other
children but sometimes he will push them if they challenge him
for food or the toy he is playing with. He understands the words
of the caregivers but he seldom talks; he is fairly introverted. He
can draw shapes and catch a ball. Dennis understands the concepts
of big and small, inner and outer, cold, tired, and hungery. He likes
 to look at picture books. Dennis is a special needs little boy who
can be referred to a married couple with a completed home study
and USCIS approval for China.

STATUS: Dennis is still waiting for his forever family!!


Trey is almost 2 years old. Each morning when he wakes up,
he'll stand by the crib rail, shake his body and babble. He likes
to watch the caregivers work and he'll wait patiently for a caregiver
to put him in the highchair to eat. He has trouble sitting by himself
and cannot stand unless holding onto something. He uses his left
hand, his right hand is usually tight fisted. He likes to be outside
in the sunshine and will sometimes fall asleep sitting in the sun.
Trey is in the 1 to 1 orphanage, he is special focus, a single woman
can adopt him.

STATUS: Trey is still waiting for his forever family!!


Elijah is almost 5 years old. He's talkative and is happy. He likes to
play game outside and is friends with the other children in the orphanage.
He likes to dance to music and build towers out of blocks. He has a
urogenical condition and B-thalassemia.

STATUS: Elijah is still waiting for his forever family!!


Austin is an active four year old boy. He likes to play outside
or in the activity room. He's talkative expressing his needs
with 3-5 word sentences. He is potty trained and can put his
shoes on and get dressed. His energetic and extroverted.
Austin's special need is a urigenical condition.

STATUS: Austin is still waiting for his forever family!!


Luke recently celebrated his 4th birthday. He was abandoned when a
few days old and suffering from neonatal septicemia which doctors
treated and cured. Luke is active, optimistic and restless.  He gets
along well with others and has a strong ability to imitate others.
Sometimes he will pretend to cry for attention. He likes cats and
dogs and helping care for younger children. Luke enjoys listening
to music, watching TV and playing with cars and scooters. In 2012
he had an operation to repair an undescended testicle. Luke’s special
need is cerebral palsy with slight mental delay and language delay.
He can walk and run but sometimes his feet will cramp. He has shown
progress with speech.  

STATUS: Luke is still waiting for his forever family!


Troy is an energetic, extroverted 4 ½ year old who enjoys playing games.
He gets along well with others and is close to the children in the orphanage.
He can count to 10, recognizes shapes and colors, and is potty trained. He
speaks 5-10 word sentences and knows the meanings of cold, tired and
hungry. He has a good personality, happy and obedient. He follows
instructions of his caretaker and teacher. His favorite part of class is
circle time. He understands the emotions of others. He has hemiplegia
on the left side and a facial hemangioma. He is special focus so he can be
adopted by a single woman who meets CCCWA requirements.

STATUS: Troy is still waiting for his forever family!


Meagan is an 8 year old girl who hopes to be adopted soon.
She spent 6 ½ years with a foster family before returning to
the orphanage. The orphanage has prepared her for the challenges
of being adopted internationally such as the language barrier and
adjusting to a new environment. Her teachers and caretakers say
that she is a good helper. Meagan likes to help children who are
younger than her. She enjoys drawing people and her artwork is
filled with pretty colors. She recites poems and sing songs. She
works hard in school and has a good knowledge of subjects such
as math and writing. Meagan takes medication for congenital adrenal
cortical hyperplasia. She also has acne and seborrheic dermatitis.
She is special focus so she can be adopted by a single woman who
meets CCCWA requirements.

STATUS: Meagan is still waiting for her forever family!


Brian is a 7 month old bundle of energy who enjoys being cuddled
by caregivers. He looks at the caregivers when they speak to him
and he will visually follow caregivers as they walk by. He can hold
his head up when lying on his stomach. Brian was born with bilateral
cleft lip and palate. The family interested in adopting Brian must be
a married couple with a finalized home study and USCIS approval for China.

STATUS: Brian has been matched with his forever family!


Kenny is a 6 1/2 year old boy who was born with congenital heart disease
that was repaired by Glenn operation. He enjoys going to school and he has
good language development. He speaks in clear sentences, expressing his
thought and needs. He likes to read and plays well with other children. He
likes to play games and group activities. At 4 years old he didn't understand
the concept of dribbling the ball. He took the ball and cradle it like a football
and ran. The teacher and children shouted "come on." Kenny likes playing
outdoors. He has a good appetite. When playing with blocks, he likes to show
the teacher and other children the buildings he has created.
Single women can adopt Kenny.

STATUS: Kenny has found his forever family!


Clark will be 8 yrs old in a few months. He’s always on time
for school and plays happily with other children. Clark has
normal intelligence and development, adapting well to a new
environment. He enjoys drawing and reading. He has good
language development and expresses his thoughts and feelings
in complete sentences. He had surgery at three years old for
concealed penis and perineal hypospadia. Clark is in Foster
care and is close to his foster mother.

STATUS: Clark has been matched with his forever family!