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EAC is working with each of it's country programs in providing homes for children who are immediately available to be referred. Please take a moment to view our China waiting children and consider opening your hearts and homes to one of the children.

Please call 1-866-586-5656 if you are interested in
any of our waiting children!



Autumn is a happy and shy 5 1/2 year old girl. She is potty trained,
ties her shoes, gets dressed and feeds herself. She likes to sign,
play with her foster brother, listen to music and watch cartoons
on the computer. Autumn skips, jumps and can go up and down
stairs without help. Her favorite activity is dancing. Her special
needs are autism and cleft lip and palate. She has had surgery to
repair the cleft lip and palate.

STATUS: Autumn is still waiting for her forever family!!


20 month old

James was born with congenital microphthalmia of the right eye.   

At 13 months old he was learning to walk by sitting in the walker.
He locates direction of sound and voices. He visually follows
moving toys. He likes toys that make sound and enjoys being
cuddled by caregivers.

STATUS: James is still waiting for his forever family!


Thomas is an energetic 4 yr old boy who loves to play games.
He can sort objects by color and likes going through obstacle
courses. He understands and can follow instructions. He can
communicate needs by speaking sentences. He gets along well
with the other children. He enjoys building block towers and
playing with clay. His special need is postoperative
meningomyelocele in lumbosacral portion. He gets around very
well and wears braces below the knee on both legs. There is video
showing him walking and jumping.

STATUS: Thomas is still waiting for his forever family!!

Christopher - MATCHED

1 years old
Christopher is an adorable little guy born with ichthyosis
(skin condition). He's active, loves to smile and be cuddled. 
He automatically smiles when someone gives him attention. 

STATUS: Christopher has found his forever family!


Adam is an energetic talkative boy who recently turned 4 yrs old.
He enjoys driving cars. He plays well with other children and caregivers.
He loves to play games like hide & seek. Adam is friendly and says hello
and thank you. He can walk and go up and down stairs. At 3 years old
Adam wasn't potty trained yet. Adam can pick up small things with his
thumb and index finger. He can feed himself. At three years old was
Adam was learning to hold the spoon properly. Adam recognize body
parts and follow simple instructions. This little boy's special needs
are hydrocephalus and mild hemiparesis which effects his right leg
and right hand.

STATUS: Adam is matched with his forever family!!


Carl is an energetic, happy 4 year old boy who enjoys playing
with other children. If he wants a toy that's out of his reach,
he will stand on tiptoes to reach it. If he's still hungry after
eating all the food in his bowl, he'll ask for more. Sometimes
he will give his toys to other children, but he will cry if another
child takes his toy. He follows directions. He was diagnosed
with esotropia and is post op hydrocephalus.

STATUS: Carl is matched with his forever family!!

Christina - MATCHED

Beautiful baby Christina is only 5 months old.
She enjoys shaking rattles and being held.
Her special need is Albinism.

STATUS: Christina has been matched with a forever family!