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EAC is working with each of it's country programs in providing homes for children who are immediately available to be referred. Please take a moment to view our China waiting children and consider opening your hearts and homes to one of the children.

Please call 1-866-586-5656 if you are interested in
any of our waiting children!



Mitchell is 18 months old with development delays. He can sit
well when supported. He can roll and turn over but can't sit on
his own or crawl yet. He can hold toys and shake rattles. He will
grab toys from other children. Mitchell babbles but hasn't said
any words yet. He'll turn his head when his name is called. Mitchell
loves watching cartoons and is a happy baby, rarely fussy. Mitchell
is currently receiving physical therapy.

STATUS: Mitchell is still waiting for his forever family!!


Stuart is a very inquisitive 6 1/2 year old boy who loves to draw.
Stuart knows colors, body parts, animals and objects. He enjoys
going to school and playing with other children. He has good language
development. He asks questions and knows the meaning of cold, tired
and hungry. He likes to read picture books. Stuart had a surgery to repair
spina bifida and can walk & go up and down stairs.

STATUS: Stuart is still waiting for his forever family!!


Luke is a shy two year old boy who will warm up to you in time
 with a happy smile. At 18 months he could take a few steps holding
onto the couch or slide around in the walker. He understands what
the nurse and caregivers tell him. He likes to be held and he likes
 to play with toys that make sounds and have bright colors. He likes
salty foods. Luke's special needs include repaired exstrophy of
bladder, congenital heart disease, and hernia.

STATUS: Luke is still waiting for his forever family!!


Samuel is a happy 6 month old baby boy with a ready smile.
He laughs out load when a caregiver teases him. He loves to
be cuddled. Samuel plays with rattles and is starting to babble.
His special needs include anal atresia, hypospadias and a CHD.
A single woman may adopt Samuel.

STATUS: Samuel is still waiting for his forever family!!


Emily is a seven year old girl who was abandoned at five years old.
She likes going to kindergarten, reading picture books, playing games,
and singing songs. She can take care of her basic needs such as using
the bathroom, getting dressed, and eating. She helps take care of
younger children. Emily can speak 5-10 word sentences, stand on one
foot, skip, and catch a ball. She doesn't ask questions on her own initiative.

STATUS: Emily is still waiting for her forever family!


Hope is a shy 6 year old girl who likes to play with other children
and dance to music. When she entered the orphanage at two years
old, she had strong muscular tension of the right hand and leg. After
5 months of rehabilitation therapy, she gained strength in the muscles
and according to the director's report, it's hard to tell she had dysplasia
of the left hemisphere.  She can walk, climb stairs, and complete daily
activities by herself such as getting dressed, eating, and going to the
bathroom. She can communicate with caregivers and listens well. She
knows right from wrong. She is special focus and can be adopted by
a single woman.

STATUS: Hope is still waiting for her forever family!!


Carl is an energetic, happy 4 year old boy who enjoys playing
with other children. If he wants a toy that's out of his reach,
he will stand on tiptoes to reach it. If he's still hungry after
eating all the food in his bowl, he'll ask for more. Sometimes
he will give his toys to other children, but he will cry if another
child takes his toy. He follows directions. He was diagnosed
with esotropia and is post op hydrocephalus.

STATUS: Carl is still waiting for his forever family!!


Dawn is a shy 4 yr old girl with post op cleft lip/palate, PFO,
cerebral palsy, mental and speech delay. A brain CT scan did not
reveal anything abnormal. She is receiving rehabilitation training
and can walk by herself. She likes for caregivers to make her laugh.
She is friendly and curious. She has good hygiene. She will cry if
the caregiver criticizes her.

STATUS: Dawn is still waiting for her forever family!!


Dale is an active 4 year old boy who enjoys building block towers
and going down slides. Dale's lower jaw is underdeveloped as a
result he has a delayed development of speech. Despite his speech
not being clear, he speak sentences to express his needs. He goes to
school and asks questions. He has a good appetite. He can take care
of his basic needs, button clothes, put shoes on & off, get dressed
by himself. He gets along will with other children and the caregivers.

(Dale can be adopted by a single woman. Dossier doesn't need to be complete)

STATUS: Dale is still waiting for his forever family!!


Charlie is a very happy four year old boy. His special needs are
cerebral dysplasia, bilateral enorchismus and microcornea of
both eyes. Charlie has high muscular tension of both legs.

STATUS: Charlie is still waiting for his forever family!!


Trey is almost 2 years old. Each morning when he wakes up,
he'll stand by the crib rail, shake his body and babble. He likes
to watch the caregivers work and he'll wait patiently for a caregiver
to put him in the highchair to eat. He has trouble sitting by himself
and cannot stand unless holding onto something. He uses his left
hand, his right hand is usually tight fisted. He likes to be outside
in the sunshine and will sometimes fall asleep sitting in the sun.
Trey is in the 1 to 1 orphanage, he is special focus, a single woman
can adopt him.

STATUS: Trey is still waiting for his forever family!!


Brian is a 7 month old bundle of energy who enjoys being cuddled
by caregivers. He looks at the caregivers when they speak to him
and he will visually follow caregivers as they walk by. He can hold
his head up when lying on his stomach. Brian was born with bilateral
cleft lip and palate. The family interested in adopting Brian must be
a married couple with a finalized home study and USCIS approval for China.

STATUS: Brian has been matched with his forever family!


Kenny is a 6 1/2 year old boy who was born with congenital heart disease
that was repaired by Glenn operation. He enjoys going to school and he has
good language development. He speaks in clear sentences, expressing his
thought and needs. He likes to read and plays well with other children. He
likes to play games and group activities. At 4 years old he didn't understand
the concept of dribbling the ball. He took the ball and cradle it like a football
and ran. The teacher and children shouted "come on." Kenny likes playing
outdoors. He has a good appetite. When playing with blocks, he likes to show
the teacher and other children the buildings he has created.
Single women can adopt Kenny.

STATUS: Kenny has found his forever family!


Clark will be 8 yrs old in a few months. He’s always on time
for school and plays happily with other children. Clark has
normal intelligence and development, adapting well to a new
environment. He enjoys drawing and reading. He has good
language development and expresses his thoughts and feelings
in complete sentences. He had surgery at three years old for
concealed penis and perineal hypospadia. Clark is in Foster
care and is close to his foster mother.

STATUS: Clark has been matched with his forever family!